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Marriage In A Box gives you access to the exercises and tools used by professional marriage counselors and provides simple solutions to the most common relationship struggles. It’s a fun, highly effective way to strengthen your communication skills, build your friendship, and improve your relationship for the long term through relationship exercises.

Selecting the right product for you

Marriage In A Box CardsYou can purchase the traditional Marriage In A Box and receive a physical box including all 173 cards, which can be posted in accessible areas for easy viewing and reminding.

OR, purchase the virtual (online-only) version of Marriage In A Box to get access to the card content online, anywhere and anytime you’re connected to the internet. The intuitive, mobile-friendly interface lets you track goals online and see your progress at-a-glance.

Marriage In a Box for Desktop and MobileSigning up online

No purchase is necessary to start a free trial of the Marriage In A Box subscription service, which gives you access to the cards online and includes many great tools and exercises to help improve your relationship.

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Long-term solutions to the most common relationship struggles.

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