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Relationship Coaching Services

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed with finding solutions to your relationship goals and don’t know where to begin, we can help! Our licensed professional relationship coaches are trained to help you find the path best suited for your marriage.

What Does Marriage Coaching Cover?

Whether you are a member or are newly interested in Marriage in a Box, our specialized marriage coaching program can assist you and your partner with the following:

  • Creating an overall roadmap
  • Choosing areas of focus
  • Prioritizing needs
  • Customizing goals
  • Tracking and supporting progress
  • Making the best use of the Marriage in a Box system

Coaching Options

To meet your unique situation, we offer one-time coaching sessions as well as ongoing coaching. Sometimes a single marriage coaching session can give you the answers you need and the tools you can use to resolve future relationship issues. For larger issues or ongoing relationship problems, our coaches can guide you towards a resolution over multiple sessions.

You can also choose a coach who is available to fit your schedule, or select “find me a coach” and we will assign one according to your timeframe.

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Please Note: Coaching is not a therapeutic service and is not psychologically-based. It is a support service to help guide participants in utilizing both the Marriage in a Box / Marriage in a Box Toolbox systems.

Long-term solutions to the most common relationship struggles.

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