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About Marriage In A Box System

The Marriage In A Box system was designed by licensed therapist Maria Sappe as a practical approach for working through the most common issues encountered in relationships. Together, couples can examine issues, set goals, track progress, and reinforce their successes – resulting in an improved relationship. Partners can customize a plan suited for their individual needs, with a variety of supportive tools and practices to address a range of concerns.

Designed to fit into even the busiest lifestyles

Marriage In A Box presents information divided into bite-sized portions for easy integration. Tasks are broken down into manageable exercises which can be practiced in 10-15 minute intervals. The unique format of the Marriage In A Box system offers many benefits:

  • Information is organized into manageable pieces for ease of use, time-friendliness, and quick assimilation
  • The versatile box design allows for skipping among the various sections as needed
  • Tools and practices can be quickly located by category
  • Cards can be posted in accessible areas for easy viewing and reminding

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The Marriage In A Box system – which includes access to the online box with additional tool cards – is now available for couples! Ready to start building a stronger relationship? Visit our Shop page to purchase this highly effective tool.

Long-term solutions to the most common relationship struggles.

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