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Marriage Tools for ProfessionalsMarriage In A Box is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on tool that assists practitioners in working with couples. The 174 two-sided cards in the box include instructions, educational information, simple practices, exercises, and vignettes that address day-to-day issues that arise in every relationship. Marriage In A Box is not a replacement for regular therapy sessions – it is a supplemental tool that supports and enhances a couple’s work in counseling.

Whether you are a seasoned therapist, a clergy member, or a coach, there are substantial benefits to utilizing the box’s comprehensive resources. Its versatility allows clinicians to focus on specific practices applicable to the issues at hand, or supply the entire box as a course in itself. Marriage In A Box is formatted to provide the structure, consistency, accountability, and reinforcement that partners require in order to achieve their goals.

Simple step-by-step instructions act as a guide for clinicians working with individual couples, groups, or workshops, allowing you to formulate objectives and action steps, assign tasks, and track and reinforce progress. Information is organized into manageable pieces for ease of use, time-friendliness, and quick assimilation.

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