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These Sensual Valentine's Idea Should Please Your Spouse

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Valentine’s Day is a challenge. While you should show your love and appreciation for your partner every day, Valentine’s Day ramps up expectations of something really romantic. This year brings even more of a challenge because of COVID. Long week-end getaways, hotel and restaurant reservations are not really an option. You’ve already been spending every day working from home, sharing household chores, taking turns entertaining the kids. How can you  create a sensual  Valentine’s day for your sweetie?

Since we are still sheltering in place, make the most of it and get sensual. Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day ideas to spice things up.

Make a sensuous meal together.

Feed the kids and put them to bed.  Light some candles, put on some music you both love and make a meal together.  This is an especially wonderful way to make your significant other feel loved if money is tight or if kids are preventing you from getting out of the house for the evening. Cooking together puts you in close contact, and there is something very sensuous about smelling and tasting delicious food and enjoying each other’s company.

Write Your Love a Love letter

People are so ingrained in emailing, and texting, that it seems old-fashioned to write a letter. Writing a love letter to your partner can actually be quite romantic. A love letter is a beautiful way to show the love of your life that you truly care. Give it a special touch by lightly spraying perfume or cologne on the letter. Put your letter in a bottle  on their bathroom counter or on their pillow for your loved one to discover.

Share a bottle of wine and a trip down memory lane

There's nothing quite as romantic as looking back on your relationship and remembering all the good times. This Valentine's Day, get out old photo albums, look through your Instagram and Facebook feeds, and share your favorites with your spouse over a good bottle of wine. Nothing stirs up romance like a trip down memory lane.

Get physical!

Couples who sweat together stay together.  While it might not sound all that romantic to spend Valentine's Day working out, it helps release built up tension. You'd be surprised how much fun you can have sweating with your partner to a workout video. Not into a strenuous workout? Try Yoga instead and have fun learning the positions.

Pamper each other with homemade spa treatments

Create a spa experience for you and your partner to relax and pamper yourselves. Give each other a facial, do your nails, and then relax in a tub filled with sensuous bubbles. Sip some cleansing cucumber and lemon water during your spa treatments.

Use this Valentine’s Day to create a deeper connection to your spouse and share some intimate moments.

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