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Ten Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special.

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With the rising number of couples filing for divorce, it seems more challenging than ever to make a marriage last until death do you part. What do those couples whose unions last for decades know about love that others don't? Here are some of the best marriage tips from those who've stuck it out for half a century. These are some keys to marital success. 

  1. Make your Partner feel wanted.

Knowing and regularly hearing that your spouse loves you is crucial and can make your marriage last a lifetime.

If you want your partner to feel desired:

Let them know they are on your mind often.

Let your partner know you are putting them first.

Accept their unique strengths and weaknesses and that you love them for that.

  1. Be Physically Affectionate every day.

To make your spouse feel loved means listening to their wants and needs and giving physical affection. Physical affection, like hugs, kisses, and holding hands, makes your partner feel appreciated and loved. Try to make the most of each moment with your partner and kiss each other goodnight. 

  1. Show Appreciation for the Little things they do. 

You are starting your day right with a genuine compliment about something you admire about your partner (their appearance, personality, or accomplishments). Acknowledge and show appreciation to your partner for the small gestures and everyday acts of kindness that your partner does to keep the fire burning. Things like picking up groceries on the way home from work or cooking dinner one night make a difference.

"Relationships are built on love, trust, and mutual appreciation. Making your partner feel special daily is vital to maintaining a robust and healthy relationship. 

  1. Ditch your Devices and Give them your Undivided Attention.

Give your undivided attention to your partner by putting away your devices, staying off the cell phone, and being genuinely interested in doing something together. Activities that foster closeness, like watching their favorite movie, snuggling together on the couch when reading, or just asking about their day, will deepen your relationship.

  1. Try to improve your Bad Habits.

Improve as a partner by putting forth some effort to get out of bad habits and avoid arguments, such as picking up after yourself or cleaning up the kitchen after cooking. Ask how you could be a better partner and put your love into action to show you value your partner's concerns and needs.

  1. Give them Frequent Compliments.

When you tell your partner things like you think they look beautiful, you serve as your beloved's best mirror. Just as you need to feel desired and wanted, so does your partner. When you verbalize their best qualities, you affirm them and remind yourself why you married them. 

  1. Do Small Acts of Kindness.

Little gestures that improve your partner's life show how much you care. Whether you make your partner a lunch for work, pick up dinner for them on the way home, or place a quick call to help them schedule an appointment. Many kinds of actions non-verbally reflect your investment in the relationship. These simple gestures are a friendly reminder you are in their corner.

  1. Be your Partner's Best Friend and biggest Cheerleader. 

Constant criticism and negativity are relationship killers. Encourage and support your partner in their endeavors. Compliment them in front of your family, and tell them how proud you are. Try to stand up for your partner when someone puts them down, and always be on and by their side through the rough times of life.

  1. Spend Time With them. 

Time together is essential; even if you're just couch surfing. There is no substitute. If they're watching sports, cuddle next to them to release the feel-good hormones. When they're washing the car, grab a sponge and help, bring them a cold drink, or stand nearby and chat while scrubbing. It is nice just to be close together. Getting active together is one of the things you can do to make your marriage happier.

  1. Tell them "I Love You" often.

You can never express the three words "I Love You" enough, and no one gets tired of hearing them. Say these heartfelt words meaningfully while giving your partner your full attention. Slip in an "I love you" as you wake up, drift off to sleep, and in other aspects of your daily life to help build a better relationship.

Knowing and hearing that your spouse loves and wants you can make your marriage last a lifetime. Be vocal and express how much you love them. Show your partner they are loved and appreciated by regularly telling them how much they mean to you. Be quick to forgive and avoid going to bed angry.

The success of your marriage hinges on learning to practice these behaviors to achieve stability and repair any damages. If you need helpful advice and solutions on how to deal with them, consider Marriage in a Box.

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