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Romance Is Essential To Keep Your Marriage Alive

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Some couples look at being romantic as a difficult task. It doesn't have to be difficult at all.  Romance has no specific guidelines. You don’t need to follow a specific formula when it comes to being romantic in marriage.  There are no specific "rules" to romance.  Most people have forgotten what romance really is.

Romance is the act of wooing one another. It’s a longing to be with someone and acting in such a way that makes that person desire to be with you. Longing and desire are the key to romance. You and your spouse need to want to be with each other at every opportunity.

Do you remember when you were dating, and you couldn’t wait to see each other? Before you were married, romance was easier because you had fewer distractions. Everything about your spouse was new and exciting to you. After marriage, you have gotten to know your spouse and maybe your spouse’s annoying habits start to get on your nerves. Pressures over finances, work, and children start to eat away at your thoughts, and that initial desire to be with your spouse becomes a distant memory.

Romance may be gone right now, but it is not forgotten. You and your spouse still likely remember being romantic with each other.  You may have grown distant in your relationship. You might be spending more time with friends or co-workers than you do with each other. You may have gotten into a routine of giving your attention to TV or smartphones or computers rather than each other. So, romance seems like something that you want but don’t know how to get back to doing.

Romance is necessary to keep your marriage alive. When romance is dead, so is your marriage. Here are 3 ways to get that romance back.

  1. The biggest contributor to active romance in marriage is good communication.

We are not talking about discussing what’s going on at work or going through what needs to be done at home. You need to really communicate with each other about each other. Turn off the television or put down that magazine and look into each other’s eyes while you converse. Really listen and understand.  dream together, share your thoughts, expose your feelings instead of keeping them to yourself.

  1. Romance is not always about sex; but it is always about love. 

The most sexual organ in the body is not what you’d expect- it is the mind. If your mind isn’t in the mood for romance, then nothing will be. The cure is to control your thought processes. Instead of dwelling on all of the ways your spouse regularly disappoints you or what he or she isn’t, start seeing them for who they really are and look for their positive attributes. Very few of us are the Hollywood images of fantasies. But you originally feel in love with your spouse for a reason. Do you remember what it was?

Take the opportunity to express your appreciation for who they are and what they do for you. “ Honey, I love how you always manage to know the right thing to say when I am feeling down,” By giving a little praise regularly, more of your mate’s good qualities will stand out, and you’ll connect with that person you fell in love with all over again. In

addition, you will find your spouse’s heart growing closer to you as he or she feels more appreciated and adored.

  1. Romance is needed every day in marriage

When couples are talking with each other often and listening to the desires of each other, it makes romantic moments more possible. One of the most important things that helps build a happy and loving marriage is the affection that is shared between the two of you.  Affection makes the both of you feel loved and secure and it shows that you are both there for each other.  Snuggle and hug each other often. Tell each other “ I Love You” every day. A romantic marriage can only come to be if both husband and wife are 100% committed every day to the marriage journey.  

Romance helps nurture your relationship and creates strong bonds within marriage.

When both spouses tame their thoughts and really communicate, they understand romance and it's easier to plan moments of romance that both parties can truly appreciate.  

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