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Respect Your Spouse’s Differences

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All men and women are not created equal. We each have a unique personality, are endowed with unique qualities and have individual strengths and weaknesses. When couples are dating and falling in love, they tend to overlook the differences between them or they love each other for those differences. However, after years of being in a relationship, those differences that you may once have admired in your spouse may now tend to grate on your nerves.

Focusing on your spouse’s differences can create difficulties in your souse relating to you emotionally and tear at the bond in your marriage. Change your point of view and embrace those differences in order to rekindle the intimacy in your marriage.

Do not focus on things about your spouse’s differences that bother you, try to find the strengths in those individual qualities. View your spouse as an asset, not a liability. Perhaps your husband is not really very handy but he is very willing to help with any chores or tasks. Focus on how you love that he is always ready to lend a hand and hire out the handy jobs to a contractor.

Be ready to make some compromises in your relationship. You may be very athletic and outgoing but your wife is more of a quiet introvert. Try to make an effort to slow down and spend quiet time with her and encourage her to occasionally join in an athletic activity with you.

Work to find Common Ground. When your Differences seem to outweigh your similarities, it’s time to reconnect with the common ground you share. Try to recreate moments when you both were extremely happy in your relationship. Spend time reminiscing about things you did together when you were falling in love.

Respect your spouse’s individuality and value them for who they are.

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