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Rekindle intimacy with an over 55 Getaway.

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If you're an older couple looking for the best vacation ideas, it all depends on what you want from a vacation. You may be looking to plan a romantic rekindling with your partner, a wellness and mental well-being excursion, or a visit with family or friends. Maybe your kids have all started their own lives, and you and your partner are both retired and have plenty of free time and energy to devote to your relationship. A vacation can help couples experience the good in life, revive their romance and deepen their connection.

 Whatever your reasons for planning a vacation as a senior couple, make sure your trip has many joyful memories and fun adventures. A vacation as a retired couple can be a fantastic way to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect. A beautiful vacation location and change of scenery can inspire couples to take up activities that would foster qualities that initially drew them to one another. Experience the world together and check some destinations off your bucket list.

Traveling together as a senior couple has several positive benefits, from staying active and connected to gaining confidence in yourself and your abilities and rekindling romance.

The importance of rekindling intimacy in a long-term relationship.

These times of rekindling intimacy are critical for the long-term of your relationship. There are times when everyday life causes relationships to feel dull and mundane. Divorce rates are high during retirement years, and all opportunities to inject positivity and focus on your bond are essential for the long haul.

How an over 55+ getaway can help couples reconnect.

A getaway is a perfect time to bond with your partner and will give you a break from the everyday chores at home and inspires positivity. Exploring new places with your partner will help you deepen your bond, learn new things about one another and give you something to look forward to. Being with your partner in a relaxed, fun, and unique environment /culture can increase warm feelings toward them. 

Why over 55 getaways are beneficial for rekindling intimacy.

A. Change of scenery.

 A romantic getaway with your significant other puts you in a better mood, living out a good vibe and contributing to increased happiness. Beautiful views are awe-inspiring and give you a break from the mundane. Couples who use vacation and travel to spend time together help create positive memories and bring new meaning to their relationship. When both of you recall a funny memory from your vacation, it helps in increasing the feelings of intimacy.

B. Reduces stress levels.

Vacation is essential because it helps clear your mind, bring peace, assess your emotional state, and replenish your physical energy. You can plan relaxing activities in nature, by a pool, or sleep in and get room service.

C. Time away from daily responsibilities.

 The routines of daily activities become mundane and add stress. Taking a break from these routines to relax, enjoy and reset is essential. Taking a much-needed time out can refresh and refuel you.

D. Opportunities for new experiences.

 It is so easy to staycation, but stepping out from your hometown is the best you can do to see the world together. Bottom-line is that both of you should experience seeing the world together and experience beautiful scenery, and learn about exciting cultures.

E. Bonding over shared activities.

 Exploring new places with your partner will help you deepen your bond and learn new things about one another. Even if you've been together for decades, seeing your partner or spouse in a new environment or culture will remind you of all the characteristics you love about them and help you reconnect and rekindle the romance.

How to plan an over 55+ getaway.  

Many seniors are willing to spend more and avoid hassles and inconvenience, but it is possible to travel, cut some expenses, and still have some luxuries. Here are some tips about traveling on a budget and still have a great time. As you plan your trip together and plan down time and new and fun activities you like, make sure to include and make time to talk and show affection to each other. Here are some tips for planning travel for seniors.

1. Book in advance on off-seasons.

Save on airfare and lodging. Hopper is an app that helps you find the optimal time to book flights and hotels. There are deals to be had for travel if you look at these sites:




2. Travel Overnight and Find Deals.

You can save on a train or bus ticket and hotel by choosing an overnight route since they are less popular than flights. Find deals with locations that offer senior discounts and vacation packages. Use AAA and AARP cards and credit card/travel rewards to enjoy the benefits of booking your flights, accommodation, and attractions, and redeem the points for free flights, discounts, or cheap hotel stays. Some examples are:

Wyndham Rewards

Delta SkyMiles

3. Know How to Pay.

When traveling outside the country, sometimes it's better to carry cash, or it may be more cost-effective to use ATMs. Avoid paying extra fees by researching your currency exchanges beforehand and notify your bank to prevent any alerts or freezes.

4. Pack light. 

Only pack what's necessary, especially if you're traveling by plane. Avoid fees, lines, and baggage claims by traveling with carry-on only.

5. Bring Your Own Supplies. 

You can save money and bring snacks, food, water bottles, and coffee cups. Try including a nutritious variety of foods (bars, nuts, fruits, veggies, hummus, and yogurt). Try to prepare food and cook when possible.

6. Take Disabilities, Limitations, and Medical needs into Consideration. 

Research and arrange in advance any needed handicap accessibility with airports and hotels etc.

7. Consider other forms of transportation to reduce costs.

Examples of less expensive modes of travel are:

  • Public transportation 
  • Carpooling services.
  • Renting bikes – keep fit and save by cycling.
  • Walking – stay healthy and take time to soak in the area. 
  • Consider going for a road trip.

8. Take Advantage of Free Attractions.

From museums and galleries to zoos, parks and trails, historic sites, and more, every destination has free attractions that you can enjoy. Senior Pass, you can tour the U.S. National Parks.

9. Visit Friends or Family.

10. Make a List of Travel Priorities.

Organize your travel priorities to plan your trips and travel budgets.

11. Find Inexpensive Destinations.

Plenty of affordable destinations allow you to travel on a dime and still enjoy and immerse yourself in a different culture. Research destinations in advance to calculate potential costs, but here are some top cheap travel destinations to get you started: 

  • India
  • Mexico
  • Cambodia
  • Armenia

12. Explore Group Travel. 

Top Three 55+ getaway destinations

The Virgin Islands.

Travel to the Virgin Islands is roaring back as a popular destination after hurricanes and the pandemic. There has been beautification and renovation in many of the resort areas and reefs. 

Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Mexico's Yucatan peninsula includes Cancún, which offers resorts, malls, soft alabaster sand, and a blue Caribbean Sea. Tulum offers an archaeological site in a walled Maya city of the post-Classic age perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the Caribbean. Playa del Carmen has a famous beach, and Chichén Itzá has ancient monuments and other stone temples and pyramids in the Riviera Maya. These areas will soon be connected by a train through the jungle in late 2023.  

Karnataka, India

Bandipur National Park is known for its Bengal tiger population and safari game drive to see its resident tigers, Asian elephants, leopards, four-horned antelope, golden jackals, and sloth bears. For Americans, much is inexpensive in India due to the lower rupee value. Bangalore has world-class restaurants, art galleries, gardens, and craft beer. The Mysore Palace is just one of the splendid historic residences, temples, and museums in Mysore. Hampi is a UNESCO Site with temples, monolithic sculptures, and boulder-strewn landscapes. 

Vacations for ages 55+ can be a time to spend alone, focus on each other without distractions, and inspire positivity. A 55+ couples’ getaway is a great refresher but may be one of many answers to the disconnection problems where therapy is needed. If you have trouble connecting as a loving couple, consider using Marriage in a Box for helpful suggestions to guidance through the stages of reconnection.

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