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Reignite the Passion in Your Marriage

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Over time in a marriage, it is easy for things to become routine and for that spark to be lost that was there in the beginning. It is vital to keep the emotional and physical connection alive and work at keeping the passion from diminishing in a marriage. Studies have shown that sexual desire and satisfaction were higher among people who had intercourse frequently, and incorporated more variety, set the mood, and communicated about lovemaking. 

Sexual Intimacy Thrives on the Connection between Partners. 

One of the most obvious links between sex and emotional connection is that sexual desire has a chemical effect on our bodies and emotions. The release of a bonding hormone called oxytocin, occurs with positive touch and during sex. The release of oxytocin and other bonding and pleasure hormones can make casual sex fun, but it doesn't mean that love or affection will occur. However, in long-term romantic relationships, sex and emotional connection are entirely bound together.

Timing is Everything when it comes to Romance.

Timing is everything in relationships. It's essential to be in the right relationship at the right time. Our maturity level changes our wants and needs and determines our readiness for a relationship. It's important to be with someone who understands what you want and allows you to strive for it. Research shows that timing is vital to boost or undermine a relationship's commitment. A higher degree of readiness is associated with higher commitment to the relationship.

Put some Sexy in it to Create the Mood.

Making an effort to set the mood is vital. Setting the mood may mean keeping phones silent, and coordinating schedules. It's essential to have some calm, relaxing moments and enjoy ourselves and our partner. Setting the mood with candles, music, touching, kissing, and snuggling go a long way toward fueling passion. Open communication and soft affirmations with your partner also help set the mood. 

Communicate Openly about What you Need and Desire.

Openly communicate with your partner about what you desire so you're on the same page. If you wish to revitalize your sexual relationship, communication is critical. It is not the amount or quality of sexual relations that makes or breaks the marriage, but rather the degree of fit between partners' sexual needs and priorities. It may feel awkward initially, but such mutuality comes only with communication.

Provide Positive Encouragement with Whispered Affirmations.

All spouses want to be loved as a whole package and built up by their partners.

Sex positivity is a shame-free, empowering perspective that views consensual sexuality as a healthy, important part of our human experience. Being sexually positive includes being open-minded about gender identity or orientation, nudity, body positivity, medical issues, disabilities, etc. It doesn't matter what your sexual preferences are; the point is to embrace your sexual playfulness, wants, and needs without judging yourself or others. Sex positivity can help a person feel affirmed in a sexually marginalized group in that it promotes feeling comfortable about one's sexuality. To increase your mate's confidence, consider sending a sincere, sweet text, note, or whispering affirmations in their ear. Here are some examples: 

  • You look sexy.

  • I love it when you…

  • I love your kisses.

  • You make me smile when you…

  • I feel safe in your arms and next to you.

  • I am having the best time with you right now.

  • I love all of you.

  • I accept you exactly as you are without changing a thing.

Feel free to try something new-like role-playing.

Movie sex scenes are so sexy because of the acting. Ordinary people can get that same feeling with just a little role-playing. Role-playing with your partner can feel intimidating, weird, and awkward if you're new to it, but with practice and communication comes more naturally. Knowing what each of you hopes to get from the experience is essential. Your partner might want to add this to your usual rotation. Some people like to use role-playing to act out fantasies. Whatever you decide, make sure it fits both of you. Communication with your partner about sex is necessary. You may not change your look or name but act a little differently (dominant or submissive) in the bedroom. Pretend it's your first date all over again. 

It's important to reignite the passion in your marriage to keep your romance alive. To find helpful advice and solutions, consider Marriage in a Box.

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