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Real Love Is Not A Fairytale Love

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Who doesn’t love a good fairytale? Princes and Princesses fall in love at first sight. The Prince conquers some evil witch or stepmother or other evil does bent on doing the princess harm and wins the hand of the princess. They get married and live happily ever after. Real life love between two people is not that simple.

Love does not just happen.

In fairytales, people fall in love at first sight. In real life, however, people rarely fall in love at first sight. You may be attracted to one another at first sight but real love is when you know someone’s weaknesses and don’t take advantage of them. It means knowing that we all have flaws in our personality but we are willing to accept and love a person for who they are.

Love isn’t just physical attraction.

Over time, physical attraction can dim but that doesn’t mean the relationship is over. As you grow as a couple, you learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes. You go out of your way to keep the spark of love alive in your relationship. Do little things everyday for each other that endear you to one other like sending a text, email or calling to let them know you are thinking of them. It’s the efforts that you put in to the relationship to make each other happy.

Love isn’t one partner fighting the battle.

Life will often throw surprises, obstacles and challenges into your path. You cannot expect your partner to solve the problems and issues by themselves. Walking through the hard times together, communicating honestly and openly, and participating in the decision making process is what makes your love stronger.

 Don’t strive for a fairy tale love. Instead, both partners must be willing to accept one another, work together in both good times and bad, and make an effort every day to show each other how much you care. That is what makes happily-ever-after love.

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