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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Items For Your Spouse

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The best thing you can do for your spouse at Christmas is to show them how much they mean to you. Instead of running to the dollar store or drug store to buy tons of little items to fill up their stocking, try filling their stocking with little heartfelt items that mean a lot.

A personal love note

Whether or not your spouse’s love language is words of affirmation, I bet they’d really appreciate receiving a love note from you this holiday season. You can make it fancy and decorate a card to write it in, type it up on the computer, or grab any piece of paper you can find in the house use that. What really matters are the words that you write on it.  Make it sappy, memory filled and praise your spouse for who they are as a person and their accomplishments.

Quotes Container

Every couple has favorite quotes from movies, TV shows, songs or books that they have shared over the years. Write a few down on post –it notes and put them in a small Tupperware container to tuck into his or her stocking. It will bring a smile to their face as they reflect on the memory.

A Round Tuit

How many chores and things are on your list of “I’ll do it when I get a round to it.”  Give your spouse a round plastic, wooden or cardboard chip with “RounTuit” on the front and something your spouse hates to do but would love for you to do o the back. It could be anything such as do the grocery shopping, clean the bathroom, clean out the garage or do the laundry.

Personal coupon book

Make a book of coupons for personal favors or dates. Those coupons usually center on things that you know your spouse loves but that you don’t always enjoy doing. Examples are coupons for back scratches, dates to restaurants or activities that aren’t always your first choice, a day off of parenting duties or diaper duties, a night with the house completely to themselves, a meal of their choice, etc.

A Sexy Game

The Dice Game. In a zip lock bag put 2 dice and simple instructions: Die #1: 1=Lick, 2=Suck, 3=Stroke, 4= Massage, 5=Tickle, 6=Rub. Die #2: 1=Lips, 2+ears, 3+Neck, 4=Inside of Thighs, 5+Chest, 6=Privates.

A pampering gift.

Make up a simple sugar scrub or moisture lotion and put it in a small container with a label like “ Man Balm” or “Sexy Scrub”.

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