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Fifteen Endearing Rituals That Will Strengthen Your Marriage

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A long-lasting and secure relationship is about helping you and your partner know that they are the most important part of your life. Your partner needs to feel more important to you than anyone else. Spending time and energy on the relationship and making your words and actions consistent is necessary for your partner to feel loved. Relationship rituals become habits of the heart for romantic couples. Even the tiniest routine you develop carries a special meaning.  

What are relationship rituals?

Relationship rituals' definition includes dedicating a specific time, tradition, or holiday to the person you love. It could be as simple as meeting after work on Mondays to celebrate getting through the day. It makes that day more pleasant instead of the struggle typical of the first day of the week. Then, of course, you have traditional birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, or any special event. Plus, couples develop their holiday routines apart from extended families. That includes spiritual rituals for couples, particularly during religious holidays. 

Why does every marriage need relationship rituals?

Rituals are essential to a relationship because they increase a couple's intimacy by strengthening the bond the mates have established. Keep these relationship rituals fresh and exciting by changing the small routines instead of continuing them. For instance, if you have a regular coffee date every Thursday, change it a little to stay fresh over time. Change the coffee date to a different day and make it frozen yogurt sundaes or iced lattes in the park.

 No one wants their long-term commitment to become predictable, dull, or grow into a slump. The idea is to look forward to fun activities in your relationship. Rituals involve specific actions that become crucial to the union. For most couples, it feels like a threat to the relationship when they don't occur. Traditions can quickly give warmth and good feelings, releasing a chemical in the brain known as the cuddle hormone. We become addicted and want more of this, making us feel more attached and connected. 

Fifteen Relationship Rituals

Maintaining rituals helps couples establish strong, healthy, and thriving partnerships that will grow stronger. Routines provide couples security, offer continuity of intimacy, and deepen the connection. Mutually creating a list of rituals helps couples establish those that will satisfy each mate to consider everyone's needs and wants.

  1. Quality Pillow Talk- Talk daily about future hopes and dreams, vacations, fantasies, secrets, and vulnerabilities without judgment.

  2. No digital electronics time- This is a good time for bonding rituals such as:

  • Cook dinner together.

  • Have an intimate evening of conversation and a beverage of choice.

  • Sit around the fire.

  • Enjoy a car ride in the country. 

  1. Time for exercise-Walk, jog, or hike, or go to the gym together.

  2. News sharing- When there is news, your mate should be the first you tell, not friends or family. 

  3. Daily say goodbye and hello- Use a hug/ kiss or soft words to start the day with affection.

  4. Small everyday gestures of caring-Give back rubs for relaxation, ask about your partner's day, and offer appreciation and encouragement. 

  5. Date Night-Keep things memorable, fresh, and fun. Use discounts like Groupon.

  6. Flirty Notes and Texts- A surprise note in your partner's lunch or on a mirror will let your mate know how special they are to you. The little things we do can do more for a relationship than buying an expensive gift. 

  7. Time to talk-Set aside time to chat. Let the kids know it's adult time. Take time to establish rules, such as no phones or electronic devices and limits on non-controversial or contentious subjects.

  8. Do something new together- take a dance class, boat, golf, share a hobby or take a college class.

  9. Celebrations- Holiday rituals and find other reasons to celebrate to keep positive energy flowing.

  10. Volunteer together-Give back to the community. (food bank, homeless shelter)

  11.  Non-sexual Affection- The focus is on the time you are spending and being affectionate with one another; non-sexual touch is essential such as cuddling and holding hands. Letting each other know how important you are to one another in physical ways is necessary. 

  12. Couples retreats or vacations-Small weekend excursions can refresh you.

  13. Sexual Intimacy. Keep intimate times fresh by trying new things periodically.

Consistent rituals strongly influence the warmth of your marriage and family bond. If you need helpful advice and suggestions on establishing them, consider Marriage in a Box.

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