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Does Your Marriage Have A Superhero Power?

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We have all known married couples that seem to have powerful marriages. Both spouses seem to always be in sync with each other. They spend quality time with each other frequently. They are people that others want to be around. Powerful couples have some type of superpower that other married couples want to emulate. How can you determine your marriage’s superpower?

What makes superheroes so revered is that they have some kind of superpower. Superman and Supergirl can fly. Antman and Wasp Woman can shrink. Batman and Batgirl have really cool technological gadgets. Captain America and Captain Marvel are really strong. While we may not be able to fly, or have superhuman strength or ability, every marriage should have at least one superpower.

What is the one thing you both excel at in a unique way?

  • Some couples are just a lot of fun to be with. They know how to converse with people and can make you laugh.
  • Others may be foodies that always dish up a good meal or can recommend the best restaurants.
  • Still others are very organized and are good at planning events or getting a group together.

What is the one thing you and your significant other do well?

  • Some couples resolve disagreements really well. They make time for each other and make it a high priority to keep the peace and unity in their marriage, even when it’s challenging.
  • Others are very handy and can repair broken things or renovate old things.
  • Still others are great parents because they are good with kids.

Spend some time talking with your spouse and determine your superpower. It can bring you closer together and bond you in a positive way.

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