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Do You Enjoy Spending Time With Your Spouse?

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When people get married, they marry because they love each other and they want to be together. Often though, they don’t necessarily have a good friendship. They don’t necessarily have things that they enjoy doing together. Once you’re married, it’s easy to start to drift apart because you don’t have many things that you do together. Soon commitments at work, children, and household errands take the place of spending time together. Before long, communication breaks down and you find you are living separate lives together.

True love develops over time as we come to know another person and choose to love them. Time is required for love to grow. A couple that never spends any time together no longer feels a deep emotional connection and love for one another.

You don’t have to spend time together every day, but you do have to spend time together on a regular basis. 

Unless a couple intentionally makes an effort to have meaningful time together, it will not happen. 

4 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Each Other

  1. Make a daily Two-minute Connection. At some point during your day, send a text, make a phone call, or make a comment that lets your spouse know that you are thinking about them.


  1. Plan a Weekly Date Night. Relationships begin with dating. Two people who may or may not have a romantic interest in another go on dates. This allows them to spend time with one another, to get to know each other, and to determine if they will choose to love or not.
  1. Do a little digging. Remember when you were dating? You wanted to know everything about your spouse. What are their favorite foods? What things do they enjoy doing? Time to do some homework. What sort of things does your spouse like to do that you could do with them? Do they like to go to the gym? Go to the gym with them. Do they like to walk? Walk with them. Do they like to go to the theatre? Go to the theatre with them.
  1. Vacation together once a year- without the kids. Planning a vacation together is a way of dreaming together. Where would you like to go? Where to stay? What activities would you like to do there? A getaway just for the two of you can do wonders to help you reconnect and find the joy in spending time with your spouse again.
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