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Creative Date Night Ideas When the Family is Quarantined

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Creative Date Night Ideas When the Family is Quarantined

Government mandated shelter-in-place orders have put any activities outside of your home on hold. If you are married with children, you are likely spending your days homeschooling and entertaining the kids. Then there are all the sanitation chores to keep everyone healthy. It can take its toll on your marriage. Just because you are in quarantine does not mean that you can’t still have date nights with your spouse. You just need to be a little more creative. Here are 25 great date night ideas that you can put together without leaving the house. 

  1. Share a late night candle-lit dinner
  2. Watch a romantic movie together
  3. Cook a new recipe together
  4. Play a board or card game together
  5. Star gaze on your porch together
  6. Watch a concert together
  7. Make your own photo booth
  8. Make a bucket list together
  9. Play Truth or Dare
  10. Take an online personality test
  11. Give each other a Spa Massage
  12. Have a Wine & Cheese Party
  13. Slow Dance in the Living Room
  14. Reminisce with Photo Albums
  15. Take a Bubble Bath or Soapy Shower
  16. Have Breakfast in Bed
  17. Write each other Sexy Messages
  18. Build an epic puzzle
  19. Do Yoga together
  20. Have an indoor camping trip
  21. Turn your bedroom into a romantic hotel room
  22. Play strip poker
  23. Dress up as your favorite movie idol
  24. Fire up the grill and cook out
  25. Dress up in your sexiest outfits

Keeping the home fires burning is essential to keeping your marriage strong. Take turns choosing a date night idea to try each week and see if your love life doesn’t improve.

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