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Are You Grateful For Your Spouse?

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Often times we get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget to take time to show our spouses how grateful we re to have them in our lives. Here are 10 great way to show your gratitude to your spouse.

Send your spouse a little love note.

Jot down something you love about your spouse and tuck it in their jacket pocket for them to find later or send them a private text message. It will brighten their day and show them that you are grateful for their love.

 Pay your spouse a compliment.

Nothing bolsters a marriage like showing your spouse that you pay attention to them. Compliments are a simple way to show your spouse you care.

Say Thank You.

Every one wants to be acknowledged for their efforts, no matter how small. However, we often forget to thank our spouses for what they do. Don’t assume that they know. Tell them you appreciate their efforts by saying thank you.

Get sexy.

Plan a night of intimacy for you and your spouse. Make an effort to make it special like wearing clothing your spouse loves you in, setting the mood with an intimate dinner etc. Show them you are grateful for the intimacy you share in your marriage.

Cuddle with or hug your spouse.

Human beings crave human touch and closeness in a relationship. Make it a point to hug or spend time cuddling with your spouse frequently.

Take time to Listen.

Take time out from your busy schedule to sit down and connect with your spouse. Tune out the distractions and give them your full attention when they want to talk about their day or share something.

Encourage your spouse.

In marriage, you want to feel that your partner will always have your back and help you through the rough spots. Hearing your spouse tell you “I know you can do this, honey” or “ whatever your decision is I’m behind you” can give them just the encouragement they need.

Brag about your spouse.

Occasionally letting other people know how much your spouse means to you in your spouse’s presence can give them a sense of pride. It also shows them that you are proud of who they are.

Share in the responsibilities.

Marriage is a team effort, not a one-sided affair. Pitch in and take out the trash or help with laundry or yard work.

Treat them with kindness.

Speaking positively to your spouse and doing small acts of kindness such as forgiving small mistakes or doing something you were not asked to do for them, can work wonders.  It lets your spouse know that you value them.

Infusing gratitude into your relationship on a regular basis will strengthen your marriage.

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