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Add some fun to Your Marriage This Fall

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Research shows that couples report higher relationship satisfaction when they make more time to have fun together. There are many stressors a couple can face, like budgeting, parenting, and managing conflict, which need to be offset with a balance of fun activities together. Making time for recreation and pleasure a few hours a week strengthens connections and helps build a positive perspective in a relationship. 

A positive view helps couples feel optimistic about their future together. Date nights are great ways to have fun together, but minor daily activities aid with this goal, too. More structured rituals of connection daily, like morning coffee, reading together, and sharing your day at bedtime, count toward having fun together.

What Happens When You Lose That Sense of Fun and Sharing Time Together in Your marriage?

The early stages of a relationship are often full of intense emotions that gradually temper with time. As a couple the relationship grows steadier, comfortable, or even a little boring. It is important to feel comfortable with your partner; it shows that you trust them and can be yourself. It can signify the transition from passionate (fleeting) to compassionate (more enduring) love. 

However, boredom can mean your relationship is heading into a negative direction if you are irritable and not giving each other the time, attention, and affection to thrive in the partnership. If these bouts of boredom are more serious and disruptive, it isn't necessarily a sign that your relationship will fail. Instead, it might indicate that it's time to make changes or invest more energy into spicing up your married life.

If you are concerned about feeling unsatisfied or uninspired, inject some excitement into your marriage.

The Purpose of Play in a Relationship

Playing together alludes to a couple's quality fun and relaxing time together. It's all about incorporating novel, recreational, wholesome, and fun activities into your marriage. As important as having alone or private time is, it is equally important to spend quality time together to include fun, recreation, and relaxing activities; couples who play together, stay together. There are contributing factors to a long-term romantic commitment and there is adequate evidence that married couples can benefit significantly from playing together.

Having a strong love for each other is essential, but just love isn't enough; the couples who stay together use actions. It's important to have feelings for your significant other and to express those feelings of love through meaningful actions. Thoughtfully and genuinely listening to your partner makes them feel safe and understood. The action aspect of expressing love and the concept of couples who play together stay together is also relevant. A playing couple spends time with their partner doing novel and fun things. These activities enable bonding, positive emotions, and experiences that build beautiful memories. 

Six Ways to Add More Fun into Your Marriage

There are various play activities that you can do together as a couple. 

●    Intentional activities

These are the major or minor activities you set aside time for on your weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar: weekend getaways, shared interests, hobbies, vacations, watching a TV show or movie together, volunteering, etc.

●     Everyday activities

Inject fun and relaxation into daily chores or tasks. A great example would be cleaning out a closet or pantry together or any activity where you work around your home.

●    Flexible activities

These are the more spontaneous activities you don't necessarily set aside a specific time, place, and day for, but when you and your spouse suddenly find free time for them. (examples are making dinner, playing video games, having a spa day, a theme park, or trying something new or old).

Collaborate and brainstorm with your spouse with a list of activities you enjoy doing, and then you can compare and find the common ones.

1.   Brainstorm a list of things you would both like to do for fun.

Discuss what is blocking the fun in your life and discuss and make changes with your partner.

     2.Schedule time regularly for play dates. 

Take turns choosing the activities that you both agree on and add them to the calendar. 

     3. Budget money, time, and energy for fun activities.

     4. Get out and do some physical activity together.

Help each other eat right and participate in physical activity to feel healthy.

     5. Let yourselves be kids again. It can be energizing.

     6. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Be open-minded and willing to compromise

It takes planning from both spouses to add fun to your life and communication. Consider using Marriage in a Box for helpful suggestions on the balance of finding and adding fun to your marriage.

Marriage In a Box is a resource for obtaining tools, techniques, and solutions professional marriage counselors use for typical relationship issues. Marriage coaching is also available on the website. You can also set goals and obtain rewards. Feel free to check out the kit and sources of information online.

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