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5 Healthy Choices To Reinvigorate Your Marriage

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It is the week after New Years and the official end of the holiday season. Like many other couples, you and your spouse have likely made New Year’s resolutions to get organized, get healthier, and pay more attention to your marriage. The only two things standing in your way is COVID-19 and winter.

Winter combined with COVID sheltering in place can be a depressing time for many people as cold days drag on. Time to reinvigorate your mindset and your marriage with some healthy winter date ideas.

  1. Embrace the cold. Get out early and enjoy the cool, fresh winter air. Take your spouse for a morning walk in the neighborhood and release those pent up endorphins. If you have snow, take in the winter wonderland. Even if you don’t have snow, you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery as you and your sweetie stroll the streets of your neighborhood.
  1. Learn Yoga. Yoga is a perfect way for a couple to get re-centered, do some deep breathing and stretch those aching muscles out. There are several Beginner Yoga classes on YouTube and many Yoga studios offer online classes. Practice a few yoga poses in the comfort of your home and draw closer to your spouse through deep breathing and meditation.
  1. Spa Night. Put the kids to bed and have a spa night together. Create a soothing atmosphere with some aromatherapy or essential oil diffuser and spend some time pampering your spouse with a manicure and pedicure and wash their hair. Let them do the same for you. After all of that pampering, who knows where things will go?
  1. Wok Together! No, that’s not a typo. Wok is the pan that the Chinese cook their delicious dishes in. Plan a Chinese night with your spouse. Spend some time before dinner finding some Chinese proverbs to share during your date. Make your own Chinese dinner or order in. Be sure to ask them to include chopsticks to add a little challenge into the meal. Start with a pot of oolong tea and an egg roll. Take your time savoring various Chinese dishes and don’t forget the fortune cookies. After dinner, go online and find a page of Chinese horoscopes and have fun finding out which year you were born in.
  1. Healthy Picnic. Put together a picnic basket with healthy lunch ideas like turkey roll ups, cheese cubes, fruit, pita chips with hummus, and iced green tea. Put a blanket down on the family room or bedroom floor and enjoy a mid day picnic with your honey.

Try out a few of theses healthy date ideas and try to keep it going throughout the year.

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