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25 Romantic Ways to say I Love You to Your Spouse

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Why do people remember such classic movies as “An Affair to Remember”, “Titanic”, “The Notebook”, “The Vow”, “If Beale Street Could Talk”, or “A Star is Born”?

Those movies make you feel the butterflies in your stomach when two made-for-each-other people meet, the yearning for that first kiss, an obstacle that pushes them apart, and a rescue or chance encounter that sends them back into each other’s arms for a passionate embrace.

Sure, it never happens in real life, but most people want it to. There is no reason you cannot stir up the butterflies, the yearning, and the passionate embrace in your own marriage. Try out one of these 25 Romantic “I Love You’s” on your spouse this Valentines Day and feel the heat rise.

  1. Say it in a note and slip it inside their briefcase, lunch tote or purse.
  2. Say it in French in a text message je t’aime.
  3. Say it on a Skype call to them wherever they are.
  4. Say it with a bouquet of favorite flowers delivered to their house, office or in person.
  5. Say it in a love letter you mailed to them days before.
  6. Say it with a homemade cake with “I Love You” spelled out in the frosting.
  7. Say it with chocolates in a big heart shaped box.
  8. Say it with a pre-arranged baby sitter and dinner out.
  9. Say it with a lipstick kiss and message on the bathroom mirror.
  10. Say it with nothing but your underwear or nightie on.
  11. Say it with tickets to a sports event.
  12. Say it with his favorite home cooked meal.
  13. Say it with music and drinks or coffee.
  14. Say it in a sexy phone call.
  15. Say it in a Facebook post all about him or her.
  16. Say it with a massage.
  17. Say it with showers of compliments.
  18. Say it in a hot tub.
  19. Say it with a picture trip down memory lane.
  20. Say it with his or her favorite movie and popcorn.
  21. Say it with a favorite treat and a corny love saying.
  22. Say it with perfume or cologne.
  23. Say it with a night of dancing,
  24. Say it with a recreation of your first date.
  25. Say it with a hot, steamy shower together.

No matter how you choose to choose to tell your spouse “I Love You”, you really can’t go wrong. Say it expecting nothing in return and straight from your heart. He or she will be over the moon for you.

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