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Katy MacRae, LCSW

Marriage in a Box Coach Katy MacRae, LCSW
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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I’ve provided both psychotherapy and IT support at Yale University. That means I’m not only comfortable using technology, I’m also an expert at helping you make the most of it too, without using a lot of jargon or confusing you.

I love supporting couples in reaching their goals, and using technology makes it easy and efficient for everyone. Every couple is different, and with the Marriage in a Box system I help you pinpoint the skills you need to learn, and the order in which to master them. I use wit and humor to put you at ease while at the same time encouraging you to work bit by bit on learning the concepts of Marriage in a Box.

The skills you gain from coaching with me will last you a lifetime – it’s a smart investment in a happy future!

Long-term solutions to the most common relationship struggles.

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