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Katie Burdick, LMFT

Marriage in a Box Coach Katie Burdick, LMFT
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Marriage can be hard – but also rewarding and fulfilling! There are times you may feel stuck, disconnected or unable to resolve the “simplest” of conflicts. Finding time to communicate and rekindle your love can be challenging with the demands of family, careers and hobbies. Which is exactly why a targeted and unique tool like Marriage in a Box is the perfect supplement to your couples therapy!

As your coach, my goal is to utilize my natural intuitive traits and empathic compassion to help you implement the resources found in the Marriage in a Box system. While you and your partner are learning new skills, I support you in setting and achieving your goals. My background as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has trained me to help resolve ambivalence blocking you from meeting your goals, build motivation, and break negative thought/behavior patterns that limit your growth. Marriage in a Box provides you with the concrete tools to put these important concepts into action in a practical and accountable way. I can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

Long-term solutions to the most common relationship struggles.

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