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Dana Hoffman, LCSW

Marriage in a Box Coach Dana Hoffman, LCSW
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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I have worked in a variety of settings from urban grassroots to university research. I have over 15 years experience helping individuals, couples and families increase their sense of connection and improve their relationships and general well-being.

In addition, my extensive training in parenting issues and stress management offers a unique lens that can even further assist you with navigating the Marriage in a Box system. Every relationship is different and I honor and value all differences and unique qualities.

As your coach, I work collaboratively with you to personalize your experience and direct you to the strategies and cards that will most benefit your specific circumstances. You will gain confidence in your own ability to sift through problems, develop real solutions and create lasting and meaningful change in your relationship.

Long-term solutions to the most common relationship struggles.

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